Gift Giving at Chi Khe 2 Schools – 2018


This year, we were excited to be reunited with the team and headed to Chi Khe 2 School in Lam Khe Village, Chi Khe Commune, Con Cuong District Nghe An Province, Vietnam as well as the main school in Lien Dinh village and other satellite schools in Chan Nan Village linked with the main school to not only see how things are progressing, but to also see the benches we had donated this year and last year. While touring the schools, a decision was made to do an additional donation of school equipment for each student from all three schools. The following day we personally presented each student with 5 exercise books, geometry set, 3 pens and a pack of crayons. All items were purchased locally to save money on transport but also to support the local community. It was wonderful to see how happy they were and how dedicated the teachers are to making sure the students get the best possible education. Below is a breakdown of the donations and associated costs:

School exercise books: 1,250 (5 exercise books per student) x 5,500 VND = 6,785,000
Pens: 16 pots of pens (each pot holds roughly 16 pens) x 110,000 VND = 1,760,000 VND
Geometry set: 250 x 8,000 VND = 2,000,000 VND
Pack of crayons: 250 x 15,000 VND = 3,750,000 VND
Carrier bags: 4.3kg x 46,600 VND (1kg) = 200,000 VND

Total = 14,585,000 VND (approximately £486.17)

It is such a pleasure and rewarding to be able to support 250 school children with their studies in a small village. As we mentioned in our previous project, we will be working closely with the school to work with disadvantaged children to provide the support required to succeed and taking a step closer to breaking the poverty cycle. Together there is hope.