Benches and tables for Chan Nan Satellite Chi Khe 2 School – 2018


We revisited Chi Khe 2 School in Lam Khe Village, Chi Khe Commune, Con Cuong District Nghe An Province, Vietnam and Main School in Lien Dinh village and other satellite schools in Chan Nan Village linked with the main school. All three schools are connected under one principle. Last year, we conducted a survey of the two satellite schools and found they were in need of help and proceeded to donate 20 desks and chairs to Chi Khe 2 school in Lam Khe village. We are pleased to say they have used them to great effect and are still in beautiful condition. It’s made a huge difference to the Thai Minority students, helping them to be comfortable during class and be able to read and write at the correct height. This year, we returned to see what more we could do and found that the second satellite school in Chan Nan Village was in need of new replacement benches. Seeing how well the last benches were taken care of and loved, we without hesitation decided to donate 20 additional benches and tables for this satellite school. Here is the cost breakdown:

Benches: 20 x 1,350,000 VND =27,000,000 VND
Delivery: 2,000,000 VND

Total: 29,000,000 VND (approximately £966.67)

We have a strong belief in the education system and we know how important it is to be surrounded in the right environment to thrive. By providing new desks and benches (the previous benches and desks were badly worn), it not only gives them a mental boost but also shows our commitment and investment to end the poverty cycle. Through education, the opportunity is endless and together, there will always be hope.