Poor Families support – 2018


During our visits to the schools, we spent time with the teachers to see what other issues there were within the communities. From our discussions with the teachers, we found out that there were a number of students from poor families. The teachers kindly provided a list of families to visit and the following day we accompanied the teachers to meet each family so FFV could make an assessment on whether we could help and if so what help was required such as basic living needs, sick children and children with special needs. Once the assessment was done, it became apparent 5 families needed help and one of the most basic needs was certain types of food. Based on the information gathered, we worked out food packages for each family and with the help of the local supermarket, put a food package together. The following are the items packaged as well as cost breakdown:

Sugar: 10 x 20,000 = 200,000 VND
Fresh milk (no sugar): 12 x 20,500 = 246,000 VND
Fresh milk (with sugar): 48 x 20,500 = 984,000 VND
Box of noodles (30 packs): 5 x 102,000 = 510,000 VND
Cholimex chilli sauce (2.1kg): 2 x 62,700 = 125,400 VND
Trung Thanh chilli sauce (2.1kg): 3 x 62,000 =186,000 VND
Salt (700g): 10 x 6,800 = 68,000 VND
Chicken seasoning (900g): 6 x 65,000 = 390,000 VND
Chicken seasoning (1.8kg): 2 x 95,000 = 190,000 VND
MSG (2kg): 5 x 110,000 = 550,000 VND
Handwash (850g):5 x 135,000 = 675,000 VND
Hairwash (640g): 5 x 75,000 = 375,000 VND
Laundry Detergent (2.5kg): 2 x 101,900 = 203,800 VND
Downy Powder Laundry Detergent: 3 x 95,000 = 285,000 VND
Colgate toothpaste: 2 x 29,500 = 737,500 VND
Sunlight washing up liquid: 5 x 102,000 = 510,000 VND
Fish sauce: 15 x 34,500 =517,500 VND
Meizan cooking oil (5L): 5 x 215,000 = 1,075,000 VND
Thanh Chau rice (10kg): 3 x 192,000 = 576,000 VND
Thanh Chau rice (10kg): 9 x 172,000 = 1,548,000 VND
Thanh Chau rice (10kg): 3 x 155,000 = 465,000 VND
Soy sauce: 10 x 45,000 = 450,000 VND
Fish sauce: 10 x 34,500 = 345,000 VND
UHT milk (115 ml): 60 x 19,900 = 1,194,000 VND
UHT milk (180 ml): 120 x 28,900 = 3,468,000 VND
Pack of small cakes: 9 x 30,000 = 270,000 VND

Total = 16,081,700 VND (approximately £536.06)

The supermarket manager kindly supplied a SUV vehicle and staff to help transport the food packages to the families. Each family had different difficult circumstances and we intend to do follow-up surveys and where possible provide additional help, more tailored to each particular family. Many of the families live in a house constructed from wood and bamboo with basic bamboo floors and walls. Many leak water when it rains and winter can be very cold. Drinking water is obtained from wells. One particular family had to recently deal with a house fire while trying to carry on with the ongoing kidney dialyses of their older daughter which entails a regular journey to Hanoi requiring many days stay there. Through all this each parent tries to find work to help pay for basic needs, medical and travel expenses. That’s what impressed us the most was their determination to work hard where possible but at same time take care of family. Work though is very difficult to find and of low pay. The other thing we found with each family was not just their determination to try and earn money but how humble they could be. We will certainly try to work more with these families to help them have an improved life. Not an easy task but one we will work at. FOOT NOTE We have found another 3 poor families since visiting the 5 families we have already helped. An update to follow.
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