Not all heroes wear capes – Part 1 – 3 September 2015


A year ago, a bus driver, Pham Thanh Long died in a highway in Vietnam’s Central Highlands and sacrificed his own life to save his passengers from flying off a cliff. 45 individuals were injured and are fortunate to be alive. According to VnExpress, Long remained calm when the bus began slipping out of control and in order to prevent mass casualties, he rammed the bus into the mountain and sacrificed his own life. A heroic act which caught our attention and we began to wonder if he left a family behind that would struggle without a husband or a father. We began to do our own research to locate Long’s family and found out he left a wife and 2 children behind in Long An. The thought of the 2 children without a father and with financial constraints, we began to ponder on whether the single mother would make her own sacrifices at the children’s expense, to make ends meet. We knew what we had to do, we knew we couldn’t turn a blind eye. We picked up our bags and the Fundraise For Vietnam team made our way to Long An…