Meeting Huynh Duc Nguyen, the boy with no face – 7 July 2014

no face
Meeting extraordinary people in Vietnam. Meet Huynh Duc Nguyen, also known as The boy with no face.

Our trip through Vietnam has given us the opportunity to meet up with Huynh Duc Nguyen who is better known as the boy with no face. From the age of 4, his neighbour attempted to disarm a bomb but failed. The neighbour died immediately and as Huynh and his twin brother were close by, they were badly injured, especially Huynh’s face. Huynh has created his own organisation called Folke and Goran Handicrafts to help landmine victims where they have a chance to make a living. Huynh is a young man that wears a huge smile on his face despite his past which shows how strong he has become!