Homeless gift giving – 2018


We met up with the Social Work Group in Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) to lend us a hand on preparing 200 meals for the homeless. We had so much satisfaction when we did something similar 2 years ago and it just felt right to do it again! There were roughly 10 of us in the kitchen and it took us just over 3 hours to cook and prepare each food box. Once fully prepared, we loaded the mopeds and headed out to the streets of HCMC. We noticed most of them stayed by the bridge and there was a frantic rush when we arrived. The costs breakdown are as follows:

Box of noodles: 10 X 78,000 VND = 780,000 VND
Large bottle of oil: 1 x 120,000 VND = 120,000 VND
Biscuits: 320,000 VND
Box of milk: 8 x 130,000 VND = 1,040,000 VND
Beef: 7.5kg x 280,000 VND = 2,100,000 VND
Choy sum: 10kg x 15,000 VND = 150,000 VND
Chinese cabbage: 15kg x 18,000 VND = 180,000 VND
Pak Choy: 15kg x 17,000 VND = 170,000 VND
Chopsticks: 80,000 VND Toothpicks: 20,000 VND
Plastic bags: 160,000 VND Plastic take away boxes: 150,000 VND
Total: 5,217,000 VND (approximately £173.90)

HCMC is extremely busy with the hustle and bustle and it’s so easy to not see the homeless sleeping rough on the streets. It’s nice when given the opportunity to feed the children and the elderly but once that moment passes, we are quickly reminded they are sleeping rough tonight, tomorrow and the foreseeable future. Will there ever be a change in their life?
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