Donating desks and bicycles donation – 12 February 2015

At Fundraise For Vietnam, we truly believe education can open many doors for the underprivileged children of Vietnam. Therfore, we recently gave 5 scholarships to 5 underprivileged children in Binh An, Thang Binh, Quang Nam province, as well as desks and bicycles to those that needed it most. The cost breakdown are as follows:

Scholarships: 5 x 1,000,000VND = 5,000,000VND
Study desks: 4 x 750,000VND = 3,000,000VND
Bicycles: 3 x 1,400,000VND = 4,200,000VND
Total = 12,200,000VND ( approximately £372.48)

We will be monitoring the children closely to see how they progress and will provide updates. We hope the children are studying hard and doing their best! Together there is hope